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Hey all,

Ive been working on my bikers boss and a small retinue of nob bikers.

So far ive completed the biker boss a biker painboy and a biker with pk and bosspole/waagh banner, i plan to make an other nob with a big choppa to complete the retinue.

Here are some pics:

this is the boss, i made him from a looted deffcopta, the AoBR warboss, some bits from a toy tank, some bosspoles and some other random bits i had laying about.

These are the painboy and the pk nobs, they are mostly made up of the standerd warbiker kit combined with some stuff from a nob kit and some other bits i had.

Sorry for the bad light in the pics ill see if i can get some better ones tomm.

If you want to see some more here is a link to the photobucket album:
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