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Building a 1000 points army for fun times and wanted to do something different. Show folk that Eldar armies can be fun, diverse and not only about wraithknights, scatbikes, skimmers and aspect hosts - which many seems really tired of. So, this is 1000 points of Eldar, and I'd prefer to keep it to these units but any input on how to improve the tactical parts or regarging load outs and equipments is always much appreciated. Onto it then!

Farseer with Spirit stone of Anath'lan
115 p

5 Wraithblades with Ghost axes and Force shields.
150 p

10 Dire Avengers, including an Exarch with Power weapon and Shimmershield
160 p

5 Rangers.
60 p

5 Rangers
60 p

Fast Attack
6 Warp Spiders, including an Exarch with Spinneret rifle.
139 p

Heavy Sopport
Wraithlord with 2 Bright lances and a Ghostglaive
165 p

2 War Walkers, each with Scatter laser and Eldar missile launcher.
150 p

Total Points: 999

So there you have it!

The basics are that the Farseer, Wraithblades, Wraithlord and Dire Avengers advance, supported by Warp Spiders (likely) deep striking into the midst of it all and from afar by War Walkers and Rangers.

What do you thinkg? Is there anything you would or wouldn't do, any specific armies you think this list would struggle agains, weapons that should be swaped for other ones, any major flaws, alternative takes and tacticas..? Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.
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