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How do you do Non Metallic Metallics? I've heard of this term alot but am not familiar with it.

If you have a model to show it, that would be great
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Call me odd but I highly dislike nmm. Makes models look too cartoony to me.
Anphicar said:
Yes, I know Wraithlord. :cry:

I am afraid of the day i master NMM on my Golden Hands and post a pic you will hate them! :(
Never fear Anph, I doubt I will hate it. I may not like NMM in and of itself but I readily admit it can look nice and there is no doubt it takes skill to do. I just find that metallic paints look better on something that is SUPPOSED to be metal. Personal preference basically.

Blood: I would love to add my 2 cents and help out but I really can't on this topic. Never tried it, never will. Sorry mate.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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