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Do any of you know the Konrad Kruze "if thats right for his last name" well first he used fear tatics to control the people so add a jet pack becvause the Night Lord were Fast Attackers so i agree with Svartmetall with one lighting claw mabye two but could exchange it for a plasma pistol or mabye even duel bolt pistols or other and a chainsword or plasma sword but yeah he took control of his planet as a kid and ruled it and everyone was smart and allowed the emperor to be his ruler and then they assanaited him and that pissed of his generals so they went after assassin and one disapered others fell to chaos and then came the Book Lord of the Night and it tells what they were like.

ps i agree btw it could be a Night Haunter cause that was a title passed to his generals and they could but Konrad no build for him
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