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No- The Night Haunter is Konrad Curze's 'name', its what the night lords call him. If you read Soul Hunter (which everyone should- its an awesome book), then you'll find that most night lords have titles and names, and that their names are rarely used... none of them ever refer to their primarch as anything other then the Night Haunter.

From that book it sounds like Konrad is incredibly fast, stealthy and strikes hard and fast in combat- it never refers to him using any ranged weapons. If I were to model him then I would give him dual weilded knives but use the rules for lighting claws and give him wings (fast and much stealthier then jetpack- plus bat wings are a symbol of the night lords). I would give him the mark of khorne for the added attack, but not for the fluff- Night Haunter was patient and, when ready, attacked without mercy. If I was using him in a game I would stalk him around ruins out of LoS and then jump him accross them and charge into combat... it just sounds right :p (he did 'haunt' a city to use fear to free it from sin after all).
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