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Night Haunter is alive

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After reviewing prior accumulated data upon the primarch konrad kurze, as well as soul hunter....I have concluded the night haunter is alive.

My idea is simple, the assassination and killing of konrad was staged. M'Shen was killed some time before reaching konrad, Shaal by instruction of kurze was instructed to act as the assassin. Thus why shaal saw everything first hand as he was there, however shaal did not kill kurze, konrad simply gave to shaal the corona nox as proof to spread his death. Shaal then ran off with it while disguised as the assassin M'Shen, is then ambushed by eldar, and subsequently is trapped in a warp storm and sleeps for a century or two.

Why did konrad do this? For in essence konrad truly did die, he allowed the night haunter persona to consume him. Thus all his duties to the emperor and his imperium he severed, from the great crusade, to leading his legion, he abandoned it all not caring what was to become of it.

Konrad did die that night, metaphorically with the giving away of his corona nox, night haunter is the one who left that room that night.
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1. How did night haunter fake his death? As I explained in the op MShen was killed ever before reaching Kurze in person. The assassin that confronted kurze was Sahaal, and the assassin ship sahaal boarded was all a set up, he was both the assassin and the soul hunter.
Night Haunter wanted to die- he hated the Nights Lords Legion.
Sahaal watched the assassination along with the majority of the Legion, and really I can only say like everyone else that you've not read Soul Hnter and have no idea who Soul Hunter is otherwise you wouldn't have come out with this crackpot theory
Night haunter and konrad are on person yes, I never disputed this, however they are entirely two seperate personalities. The night of the staged assassination konrad allowed the night haunter persona to consume him thus konrad did die and signified it by handing over his corona nox to spread his death. Night haunter now the dominant personality abandoned his legion, and let the rumor of his death spread so he could truly be free of his father the emperor.
The Corona Nox was stolen along wth all the rest of his wargear signifying him as the leader of the NL by various leaders of the Legion.
What? have you read Soul Hunter? because Sould Hunter and Sahaal were not the same person. Sahaal was the captain of the first company and Soul Hunter/Talos was captain of the 10th. And again how do you explain the vid-feed? or how an Astartes, a very large individual managed to scale himself down to the size of a lithe slender and female human
Soul Hunter/Talos isn't the Captain of the 10th, he was just an Apothecary in the 10th Company and he killed the assassin who was carrying the head of Night Haunter.
The ignorance on display is incredibly amusing- I wont be shutting this down as watching Lux trying to spin his bullshit into coherence is awe inspiring.

First of all Lux I would just like to say this:-
I know much more about 40K than you do, no don't try to argue, you'd just be wrong...again

The term 'Void' you've been using in regards to Pariahs, well you've been using it incorrectly- in this instance it literally means 'an absence' rather than the way you're trying to shoe horn it into being another layer of reality.

You can't be a Pariah and a Psyker- they are mutually exclusive.

Black Library novels are not written from the Imperial POV (point of view) as standard, books regarding Imperial protagonists might be written from the Imperial POV but don't have to be. Codexes are all written, for the most part, from the Imperial POV- so this is one of those time one of your bullshit claims actually has some sort of shaky foundation in fact.

The other Primarchs feeling unease in Konrad's presence- it was due to the fact the guy was a fucking monster, he wasn't a noble warrior he was terror incarnate. How do you ever feel comfortable around a guy who raised himself to be a figure of horror when you yourself had a much more 'human' upbringing?

Sent mad by the Outsider? Do you think all crazy people tie in some way into the C'tan, is that just your way of making mental instability seem neat and tidy?

I suggest Lux that you read some 40k books other than Nemesis as you're knowledge of 40k background is shit.
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Thank you Baron i praise your opinion in this one

Baron was the c'tan comment to me cause i was useing what i read form 40k books that its possible that they made the gene and implanted it when humainty was just begining and they created a fortress floating, almost like the Black fortress but this time it would have closed the whats it called again the orgin of chaos the rift or Immateruim uh slips my mind it would have closed that.

And Luv do you know the Son's of Malice's God by any chance
Not it was directed towards Lux for his Night Haunter got his insanity from the Outsider style comments.

The C'tan did implant the Pariah gene in humanity, or at least that a strong theory with a significant amount of supporting evidence.
I left yesterday afternoon and when I logged back onto heresy this morning I was convinced this couldn't be the same thread- I don't think I've come across a fluff thread that grew so quickly before, it's nice to see that condescending heckling draws us together so much :laugh:
I have once again dabbled into my warhammer 40k materials, as we as review all the posts since my last appearance.

Firstly, I will start with Baron Von Spikey, I do not claim to know more then you, I am but a humble warhammer 40k reader who has read and played for quite some time. From the white dwarf articles, to the even older printings of warhammer 40k, simply known as the dustbacks.
I'm not an actual German Baron, there is no 'Von' in my name (yes my username is based on my real name).
Plus I wasn't suggesting that you'd said you knew more than me- I was just outright saying that I know more than you, that might sound arrogant but screw it it's true.

Now moving on....the void I have never claimed to be a dimension like the warp....the warp in and of itself is not a dimension, it simply is a frequency present at all times everywhere...it just takes the proper radio to pick it up and channel it effeciently...psykers.
The Warp is a dimension, a separate reality divorced from this one- imagine a sandwich, the various 'real' realities are the bread with the warp the filling that separates them- not a great analogy but I'm not sure what you'd do to a more complex one.
A pariah does channel the void, in that they use the very absence of that frequency that is normally everywhere...to alter reality.
They don't alter reality, the very absence they project prevents the alteration of reality- that's the whole point!

Now the outsider according to ancient eldar text states in their songs the outsider is trapped in a sphere which speculate could be the halo stars or ghoul stars region. Now similar to how the void dragon whispered out of its prison and called for an avatar, which ferus manus answered to its deceitful whispers, and such as why he went to mars after the drop site massacre...so too did the outsider whisper to konrad.....

It was the outsider who lured konrad through a shared "madnes" with him, away from the veil of sanity and reality...pulling him to stage his assasination....and come to its prison...so konrad could become the avatar of the outsider.
A fine idea about the Halo/Ghoul stars idea if the location of the Dyson Sphere where the Outsider is trapped wasn't stated in Codex: Necrons.

Ferrus Manus died, head cut clean off- the Iron Hands don't believe he was taken to Mars, they don't have his body but then again every IH at Isstvan V was killed so you wouldn't expect them to. Before you spout your 'Imperial POV' bullshit again- it wasn't, leave it at that.

As for the black pariah dying by a ship....I meant to convey that it was that ship being crashed that set into motion of events that directly lead to his death.
What a way to back pedal, the reason for the Emperor's death was that he was born- see I can do the same thing as you as well.

To answer the question...regarding malice....their is strong allusion that the chaos entity now known as malice wwas the prior fifth chaos medium known as malal...chaos turned upon chaos......

However due to a untimely seperation of "political" parties....the rights of "malal" were in question....thus malice was born.
The guy who made Malal had the copyright for him and GW didn't- that's not exactly a secret that Malice is GW's attempt to make a version of Malal they can actually use- I think that's the only completely correct thing you've said in this mammoth thread.

Bit of advice for you Lux- these books that you read about 40k? Try getting them in a language you can understand.
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This is amazing, I think I'm developing a man-crush on you Lux:laugh:

Every time you post you seem to plumb new depths of delusional theories with no basis in fact- it's awesome.

Next you'll tell us that Horus is still alive and that it's his geneseed used for the Grey Knights (oh I hope he takes that idea and runs with it- we could get another 130 posts in about 2 hours).

There is no evidence, whatsoever to suggest Ferrus Manus or Night Haunter are anything but dead- we have detailed accounts of their deaths from non-Imperial sources. Fulgrim didn't technically kill Ferrus, it was the daemon contained within his blade that forced his hand, and it was the daemon possessing him that delivered the head to Horus.

Don't you think the Warmaster would have known if he'd been given a head made of papermache and glue that it wasn't real?

Right I'll be back in an hour or so to get my next fix of incomprehensible and ignorant conspiracy theories...

I'm having trouble breathing because of how much I'm trying not to laugh so I can type this.

Until his last post I thought Lux was being serious but with that post I realise he's the one who's been taking the piss out of us not the other way round- hats off to you mate, if we ever meet I owe you a pint.
A candle analogy is a good one to use in this circumstance.

Your average human is a lit candle in the warp.
A psyker is a raging bonfire.
A pariah has some how lost the candle.
Shit maybe the crazies who wear tinfoil hats aren't crazy? Maybe they are blocking the Outsiders influence- I must dwell on this further...with alcohol.
You may need to read all the dex's, white dwarf articles, and old wh40k dustbacks to grasp the full context.
I've read more than you- again this isn't open to argument, it's a fact.
Your theories are unsupported by fluff and each time you say something is heavily supported you are outright lying- Lux you are without a doubt either someone who is taking the whole 'conspiracy theorist' schtick too far or a pathological liar.

You don't provide sources 99% of the time, when you do provide them you've usually got them wrong (i.e your Nemesis 'info') and then you have the gall to say we should them even though you obviously haven't.
He's a big fan of the C'tan because apparently every single event in 40k history is due to them in some way.
I wonder if he's a detective in real life? His ability to create entire scenarios out of a single word is awe inspiring.

Moved to Homebrew Fluff as it's obviously not a 40k Fluff matter but rather Lux's fan-fiction on an alternate version of 40k
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