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Night Haunter is alive

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After reviewing prior accumulated data upon the primarch konrad kurze, as well as soul hunter....I have concluded the night haunter is alive.

My idea is simple, the assassination and killing of konrad was staged. M'Shen was killed some time before reaching konrad, Shaal by instruction of kurze was instructed to act as the assassin. Thus why shaal saw everything first hand as he was there, however shaal did not kill kurze, konrad simply gave to shaal the corona nox as proof to spread his death. Shaal then ran off with it while disguised as the assassin M'Shen, is then ambushed by eldar, and subsequently is trapped in a warp storm and sleeps for a century or two.

Why did konrad do this? For in essence konrad truly did die, he allowed the night haunter persona to consume him. Thus all his duties to the emperor and his imperium he severed, from the great crusade, to leading his legion, he abandoned it all not caring what was to become of it.

Konrad did die that night, metaphorically with the giving away of his corona nox, night haunter is the one who left that room that night.
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He was Callidus all along! Since forever! And still is! And the legion is being run by a loyalist even now!
...sorry, couldn't resist.
...so the guy in charge hired himself to assassinate the guy in charge so he could take charge himself? And then he went and killed the assassin so noone would know?
Just because conspiracies happened doesn't mean absolutely crazy, off-the-wall conspiracies happened as well.
And you changing your story twice mid-discussion does not help your credibility either.
Also, you dabbled in novels? How does one dabble in a novel? You read every sixth page or something?
No, don't do that. It's good for a laugh :p
Because the amount and concentration of your ignorance is insulting his intelligence, as well as my own, and that of several other posters.
OK, so...
Poly potion!? Lol.
You have to be a Callidus to use that. Otherwise it's like a blank trying to use a psyker's staff to project lightning.
...you had to play the gf card...
I'm sorry, prophetic pariah powers!?
...dude... please... PM me the name of the thing you're smoking. I want some too.
No he is not. Black Pariahs, like all other pariahs, have a passive effect around them. They do not use it, focus it, or bend it to their will.
Pariahs are not Mord Sith, for feth sake. Yes, I read Nemesis. And loads of other books. The only thing that "focuses" is their helmet, which is a limiter with a funnel. It can reduce the innate field of a blank, but with a small aperture that lets the field grow in that direction alone, efectively making a cannon out of their head.
If the BP ever sets his foot on Earth, the life of the Emperor would be in danger. And so would the life of every other psyker on the planet. Instead of just being a nothing in the warp, a Black Pariah is an anti-warp. They don't just drain or sever a psykers connection to the warp, but they turn it around. AS A PASSIVE EFFECT! They are the antimatter to the warp matter, while ordinary pariahs are just inert material.
Yeah, but I don't think the Emperor can kill one. BPs could invert a psyker's power from a long range. He'd have to use someone who is not a psyker to do the job. Ah well. Plenty of those on Terra :)
Yes, but that's still a LONG WAY AWAY FROM GETTING VISIONS OF THE FUTURE! Or reshaping one's own body. Or conjuring a head from nothing. Or doing pretty much anything with the warp.
Damn it, I forgot smileys don't work with font sizes...
Bit of advice for you Lux- these books that you read about 40k? Try getting them in a language you can understand.
And actually read them, don't just dabble.
Oh, great! This is now UTTERLY PRICELESS!
Sholto Unwerth manipulated Ravenor to do his bidding.
A candle analogy is a good one to use in this circumstance.

Your average human is a lit candle in the warp.
A psyker is a raging bonfire.
A pariah has some how lost the candle.
A pariah is a fountain. A black pariah is a leviathan wave.
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