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Night Haunter is alive

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After reviewing prior accumulated data upon the primarch konrad kurze, as well as soul hunter....I have concluded the night haunter is alive.

My idea is simple, the assassination and killing of konrad was staged. M'Shen was killed some time before reaching konrad, Shaal by instruction of kurze was instructed to act as the assassin. Thus why shaal saw everything first hand as he was there, however shaal did not kill kurze, konrad simply gave to shaal the corona nox as proof to spread his death. Shaal then ran off with it while disguised as the assassin M'Shen, is then ambushed by eldar, and subsequently is trapped in a warp storm and sleeps for a century or two.

Why did konrad do this? For in essence konrad truly did die, he allowed the night haunter persona to consume him. Thus all his duties to the emperor and his imperium he severed, from the great crusade, to leading his legion, he abandoned it all not caring what was to become of it.

Konrad did die that night, metaphorically with the giving away of his corona nox, night haunter is the one who left that room that night.
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My idea is simple, the assassination and killing of konrad was staged. M'Shen was killed some time before reaching konrad, Shaal by instruction of kurze was instructed to act as the assassin.
Did Sahaal also somehow hack into Clade Callidus' Vid-feed network aswell then?

Thus why shaal saw everything first hand as he was there, however shaal did not kill kurze, konrad simply gave to shaal the corona nox as proof to spread his death. Shaal then ran off with it while disguised as the assassin M'Shen, is then ambushed by eldar, and subsequently is trapped in a warp storm and sleeps for a century or two.
Who did the Soul Hunter kill aboard the Assassins ship then?

Your theory has so many holes. Seriously, the evidence to suggest that Curze is actually dead is overwhelming, you can't really deny it.

This is a common held theory that he's alive
If you referring to Curze here then I would say its actually a very rarely held theory that hes still alive, especially since Lord of the Night and Soul Hunter have been published. Or of course you could be referring to Alpharius Omegon (as the poster above you asked) in which case you are right. :)
1. How did night haunter fake his death? As I explained in the op MShen was killed ever before reaching Kurze in person. The assassin that confronted kurze was Sahaal, and the assassin ship sahaal boarded was all a set up, he was both the assassin and the soul hunter.
Firstly Lord of the Night explains that Sahaal was hidden nearby when Curze was killed so that in itself makes your theory moot. And your now saying that Sahaal is Talos aswell? :wacko:

Night haunter and konrad are on person yes, I never disputed this, however they are entirely two seperate personalities.
That in itself has never been confirmed, only implied.

The night of the staged assassination konrad allowed the night haunter persona to consume him thus konrad did die and signified it by handing over his corona nox to spread his death. Night haunter now the dominant personality abandoned his legion, and let the rumor of his death spread so he could truly be free of his father the emperor.
Why would he abandon his Legion? Why not just completely give into this other persona and take his Legion with him? After all having a Legion at his command he could spread much more fear and consume much more terror.

Also there is the whole point that Night Haunter actually wanted to die, to vindicate his life and methods.
This just gets weirder and weirder... and by that of course I just mean more laughable. :wacko:
It has never been stated Pariahs can not have visions of the future....psykers channel the warp for their powers....pariahs channel the "void" for theirs.

One looks through the warp for glimpses of the infinite strings of possibility, the other gazes through the veil of reality to pierce the future.
The Baron beat me to it, but the 'void' is used to refer to literally a void - an absence. Not some warp-like dimension that pariahs can manipulate. Essentially powers of foresight come exclusively from the warp, something which pariahs cannot manipulate because they have no presence, or an anti-presence there.

Did you guys know that it was actually Horus that outlawed almost all psychic practice at the Council of Nikea? He did it because he knew Magnus would defy the order, so that he could then trick Leman Russ into annihilating Prospero and the Thousand Sons Legion because in doing so, the Thousand Sons would be forced to flee and eventually join Horus' cause.

This is fact. I read it somewhere.
Ha! I get it.. :so_happy:

which resulted in a pariah of the "black pariah" power level. It goes into great description in the book to clearly state that the stronger a pariah not only can they more so draw upon the "Void" but also able to rip and manipulate the warp to their whim. Which is why the black pariah was being sent to kill the emperor, it further states if that pariah had set foot on Terra, the emperor's life would have already been in danger from his presence alone.
It really doesn't say that at all, I would advise you to re-read the book as you've obviously misread or simply forgotten what is printed. No where does it say that the stronger the Pariah the more they can manipulate the warp to their own whim. Black Pariahs literally turn the psychic abilities of a psyker upon themselves, it doesn't mean they can steal a psykers powers or abilities and use it themselves.

And as for Night Haunter being a Pariah... no, just no. The Primarchs were created with warp energy (implied to be via a bargain between the Chaos Gods and the Emperor) and had a strong connection to the warp, not only that but Night Haunter seemed to demonstrate psychic abilities himself, that of foreknowledge - which isn't something that he could have drawn from this 'void' that you've simply made up. Not only that but do you think the Emperor would have thought it remotely safe to create a Black Pariah as powerful as a Primarch, someone who could have challenged the Emperor's power and likely been able to have killed him?

And as for people feeling uneasy around Night Haunter... its because hes a fucking terrifying monster. Terror incarnate. Most horrifying of the Primarchs, unstable, perceived of as insane, his whole philosophy of war revolved around terror and fear, other Primarchs felt uneasy around him let alone mere mortals.
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I think what people are really struggling with is that you are presenting your far-fetched 'the C'tan did it' theories as facts, even though they have no factual evidence, theories, or implications to support them. In fact your theories rest on several gargantuan assumptions in and of themselves, you may believe it - but absolutley no one else will. That is why your theories have recieved so much hostility.
Some seem to be taking this in not serious manner....
hahahaha! no, sorry... I certainly am... please go on... tell us more... what other great revelations can you reveal?
Okay, well to sum up Lux the Great's revelations:

1) Konrad Curze drew his insanity from the Outsider. He staged his own death somehow, despite there being several primary and secondary witnesses to the assassination and fled to the C'tan Outsider. He is now the avatar of the Outsider, holding his essence until the C'tan Lord is released. M'Shen the Imperial Assassin sent after Curze following the Heresy was actually a Blank, and therefore somehow working for the C'tan all along.

2) The Emperor is actually the Eldar God Asuryan (who somehow escaped the grasp of Slaanesh during the Fall and was reincarnated) and was killed by Horus during the Siege of Terra. Upon discovering the badly maimed (but still living) body of Horus. Rogal Dorn recieves some sort of vision from someone telling him to force Horus to sit on the Golden Throne as a punishment, he is now holding the Imperium together despite being the one who intended to tear it down. The Emperor utterly obliterating Horus' soul seems to be some sort of fabrication and never happened. It is also unknown whose body Abaddon subsequently took back to the Eye of Terror and who Fabius Bile cloned.

3) The C'tan, being long term enemies of the Old Ones, realised that Asuryan had escaped the grasp of Chaos and so vowed to destroy him themselves. Thus the C'tan Deceiver plotted and brought about the wars of the Horus Heresy (commonly known as the Asuryan Bamboozlement) somehow, but we know it involved tricking the Chaos Gods, The Emperor (Asuryan), and the entire Imperium. However in order to achieve this, the Void Dragon had millennia before travelled to Terra, built the Golden Throne and allowed himself to be defeated and imprisoned by the Emperor (Asuryan) on Mars in order to set the stage for the entire Horus Heresy/Asuryan Bamboozlement, even though this happened millennia before the Fall of the Eldar, the Void Dragon somehow knew that Asuryan would escape the grasp of Chaos and would need defeating by the C'tan.

4) The High Lords of Terra are actually Necron constructs, and the C'tan Deceiver indirectly rules the Imperium.

5) The C'tan Deceiver was also behind the visions Magnus the Crimson King recieved regarding Horus' betrayal which ultimately led him to warn the Emperor and in the process irreparably damage the Imperial Webway and Golden Throne.

6) Tzeentch, the lord of Change, puppet-master of the Galaxy is actually just one of the C'tan Deceiver's proxy personas/disguises.

7) Ferrus Manus didn't get beheaded on Isstvan V despite the dozens upon dozens of witnesses. Fulgrim made a bargain with the Laer Daemon Weapon to spare Ferrus' life in return for complete control over Fulgrim. The head that Fulgrim presented to Horus was actually just a fake crafted by a sword. Ferrus (being a servant of the Void Dragon) was phased-out to Mars and stole the book of the Guardian of the Dragon of Mars for his C'tan overlords, he resides to this day on the Red Planet. In fact the whole involvement of Ferrus Manus in the Great Crusade and Heresy was just part of the Deceiver's grand Bamboozlement plan.

8) The Emperor (Asuryan) despite being killed by Horus, somehow escaped Terra and fled the Galaxy. He established himself as the Hive Mind and invaded the Galaxy with the intention of destorying his old Imperium because he knew (somehow, probably via some sort of vision) that the Imperium was actually controlled by the C'tan.

9) The Grey Knights geneseed comes from Post-Siege of Terra Horus.

Have I missed anything oh Great Lux?

(Seriously I love this Kid!!)
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