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1. Yes. WB units carrying icons is actually more fluffy than if they weren't!

2. I can't imagine many people making an issue of that

3. I think Black Legion fighting alongside Word Bearers is fine. I reckon the fluffiest way of doing this is a WB dark apostle with his most elite unit (termies or chosen) and a BL lord in the same unit, as a sort of advisor perhaps. As far as my understanding goes the BL are still kind of the leaders of the chaos legions, maybe less so than in 30k but they'd still be the most influential of the legions with tendrils of power in all sorts of places.

4. Bike lords are good, as are bikes. Rhinos aren't assault vehicles, land raiders are very expensive, so how else can you quickly get your lord into combat? That (and the extra toughness) is why people use bikes. There are other options if you don't like the idea of your lord on a bike though- with the mark of khorne you could give him a juggernaut (really boosts a lord's stats), with mark of slaanesh a steed (extra attack, outflank) and with mark of tzeentch a disc. Then if you really don't want bikes at all you could have a unit of spawn accompanying him. A juggernaut and a unit of spawn is quite popular and effective

5. The most popular chaos lists tend to have lots of fast units like bikes, spawn, helldrakes, maulerfiends and infantry in rhinos. You can definitely do effective shooty lists but I think the focus should be as much on mid/short range shooting as it is long range. A chaos marine gunline will get outgunned by armies like tau/imperial guard who can do the same thing better. I think the codex best facilitates balanced lists that can fight in combat and shoot, mostly getting right in the opponent's face to do so. Similar to the more CC oriented space marine armies, or tyranids for that matter.

Read chaos marine army lists (and the comments) on here for a better idea of what other chaos players are doing and what works!
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