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Alrighty then, so I've decided to swear my fealty to the dark gods and will be playing a Chaos Space Marines army. As the title says, I am a newbie. I have very little understanding of rules though i do have an old rulebook that a friend gave to me from his battle of macragge set. There sadly aren't any gamesworkshops near my house so I will have to see about finding local hobby stores to play at. I think for starters I'm going to just make a 500 pt army and then work up to a 1000 pt. I want my army to be good for casual play and just having fun but at the same time I want it to be "competitive" enough to win!

So I've got a couple questions to ask:

1) I really love the Word Bearers, they have always been a favorite of mine so I think I will make a WB army. Now, just because they are word bearers would it be ok to use icons of slaanesh, nurgle, etc. in that army?

2) I really like the model design for the Chaos Sorcerer with the staff. But suppose for my HQ I wanted a Chaos Lord. Would it be alright if I used a sorc and told my opponent before the battle I am using a Lord, that I only used the Sorc for his looks? And could the same be said if say I wanted the "sorcerer" to be just say Typhus for example. As long as I let my opponent know, would it be a problem?

3) I really like the idea of having one color scheme but will also vary the individual models abit (so maybe this one is red, silver, and gold while another model is red, silver, and black) but I also really love the iron warriors and black legion. Do you think it would be ok if maybe two or three of my foot soldiers wore the black legion color scheme but maybe had their helmet and right shoulderpad painted red to symbolize them joining?

4) As I mentioned above, I really like units that look cool (hence why I love Chaos) but I hear a lot of people saying that if you use a Chaos Lord you should put him on a bike. Honestly, I think bikes look dumb but are they really good in the game?

5) Those were just some basic questions I had. Now for the real big decision: How will I build up my army? I understand that some armies have certain strengths when in battle. Tyranids are goodin melee. Tau are good as shooters. But how does Chaos work? From a beginners perspective, it appears that Chaos has a lot of customizable options and armiescan be built in different ways. You could have a raptor heavy army focusing on close combat or have lots of havocs and shoot from afar. I just don't know how I want my army to function.

I don't want to just grab handfuls of random units and toss them out onto the battle field. I want to have a good strategy and understand how my army works. I'm not even sure which HQ I should start with. I'm also not sure if I should invest in heavy support like hellbrutes and defilers, or use fast attack support. So is there any advice you can give me?

I don't have a ton of cash (curse you college!) so it might take some time to get my army rolling. Oh and also, I see on games workshop's website that some units they usedto have aren't there anymore (like a certain chaos sorcerer that had the two dragon/serpent shoulder pads) This guy...

are there placesyou can still buy these?
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