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Newbie Paint and Brush Care

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Ok, so for the first time I'm getting into painting seriously, I did it a bit as a kid but much more serious about it now. I have read a ton on different brushes and paints and what I have started with is the Army Painter Mega Brush Set and about 40 Citadel Paints. I know there is wildly different opinions on brushes and paints but that's not what I'm hoping to get help with. It seems every time I start painting my paint dries horrible on the palette and my brushes. I did get brush cleaner to keep my brushes nice but seems like I have to use it a lot. I'm looking for advise on how more experienced people paint, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. After watching countless YouTube videos I never see people have this problem. I have watched all the Warhammer TV videos on painting Dark Vengeance and Age of Sigmar Start Box and he says to add just a tiny bit of water and he's off. Mine still dries pretty fast when I do this and never seems to go on as smooth as his does. I also got some Liquitex Thinner but I've seen a lot of people say to not use anything but water to thin my paints. So I'm just looking to hear others painting techniques. Should I wet the brush and lightly dry it before starting? Do I rinse it after every 2 or 3 dips into the paint? Do palettes matter? I'm using Aluminum Foil right now, I am getting one as a present but not sure if I just go with plastic I clean, paper palettes or a wet palette? I made my own little wet palette and it helped on keeping the paint wet for sure but didn't do much for my brushes, and do you still add water to pain on a wet palette or does it absorb enough through the paper to thin it already for standard base coating and layering? Just something on the side, not sure if this changes things enough to matter but it is winter here and I have electric heat so I know the air is a bit dryer but wouldn't think this would stop me from painting. Well, thanks a lot for any help or advise anyone has to offer.
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