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Newbie here

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Found you on a Blue Table Painting youtube video.

I'm in Vegas.

I use the handle Narius, it was one of my more memorable characters in a SCI-Fi palladium game back in the day.

I'm just getting started with GW games, don't have any books or armies yet, but I have been following the system for a while, just finished reading the Space Wolf Omnibus. I have played a few other wargames. My main background is in RPG's and computer games.

My favorite army themes for WHFB are Dwarves and High Elves, for 40k I'd say either Space Marines or Imperial Guard.

I'm joining here as it seems like a good place that starting to grow, just like myself getting into the hobby.

Game on.
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Game on indeed matey. Welcome to Heresy!

The Space Wolf Omnibus is a kick-ass book, can't wait to read more :)
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