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Newbie Help

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evening all,

Some time ago i read the storm of iron by Graham Mcneill by accident while killing time! i loved the book and would like to start reading some more novels of a similar fashion but would like to start at the beginning so i understand just what the duece is going on... Can any one recomend a good starting point and direction to go in?

I have looked on Amazon and can see the horus heresy thats starts prior to 40K is there where i should start?

comments welcomed
thanks haiax0
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Firstly thank you for your input i appreciate it,

so as i understand it, if i want to read about the heretics and chaos as a general - I will pick horus heresey books - from there is it just a case of picking up any other book and i will have the jist about chaos??

(I purchased horus heresy 1 last night called uprising?!?)

Also if i want to read about the "good guys" blood angels, ultramarines, space wolfes blah blah... where is the best place to start with there stories? since i have only read one book by graham-mcneill which i thouroughly enjoyed, is he best to start with and just pick up any 40k book?

Sorry to be so vague but if i have some direction to understand the storylines as a nooby im more likley to read on in sequence :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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