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it looks like your a bit light on anti air and ranged anti armor in this list here, since you don't have heards I'd swap that nurgle princes for a Slaanesh flying prince with the lash and upping the psy level to three for biomancy.

get iron arm, and your throwing out 2d6 strength 9 hits, and at strength nine it can glance even a land raider to death.

I also counted up your warp charges, I think with the minimal sized horror units you have four charges a turn, maybe enough for a full strength flicker fire, but it leaves you no 'reserves' for buffs and other for other psi shots, something to keep in mind given that all of your shooting is psionic in orgin.

Given how few charges you do have I would recommend dropping the horror squad for something with more return on investment, they just don't have enough charges to work with.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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