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Hey mate welcome to Heresy.

Great to have you here. Just edited your post a bit so that this thread doesn't get moved to General 40k and you don't get a proper welcome. No big deal.

Its great to have new players like yourself get on here and refresh all us older players in some of the basics.

As for your question. I would imagine if you put a Crux Terminatous on the shoulder pad then it would get the message across - seeing as Vet Sergents etc get it as standard then I think most people just count it as being normal and therefore not really entirely compulsary to be shown. Do you want to ask this question again in the Rules section or the General 40K section.

Welcome again.

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Welcome to heresy. I remember the days when I was new. *tear rolls down cheek* Oh the memories....

Anyway, concerning your question, I'd put the crux on the left as the left shoulder is usually facing the front if they hold a bolter.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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