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The exterminator is the only russ tank I wouldn't consider taking. What does it do really well? It's decent against light transports and decent against infantry, but I'd sooner have a russ that has a specific role it does really well. Also the punisher seems like it outperforms the exterminator at transport killing and infantry killing. The main gun admittedly has half the range but consider the types of vehicle you might shoot. If you shoot the exterminator against anything AV12 or 13 you're wasting the heavy bolters which can't do anything. Against AV10 and 11 the punisher gatling cannon actually outperforms the exterminator's autocannon. You pay ten more points but I think it's worth paying.

For infantry I'd rather have an eradicator than either of them. Its main cannon is pretty great against 4+ save infantry and obviously bypasses cover saves. Like the punisher and exterminator its main gun isn't ordnance so you can still fire all three heavy bolters, and since it's cheaper than either of the others you can have a heavy stubber for yet more firepower. A pair of wyverns is another good anti infantry option.

The executioner is the best all rounder being good against elite infantry, horde infantry and light armour, but obviously costs significantly more with plasma sponsons and without Pask to mitigate gets hot seems a bit risky.

For pure armour killing take a vanquisher or vendetta.

With your list as it is I'd say you have the freedom to specialise with the LR and go pure anti armour or pure anti infantry. Either decision seems valid and shouldn't leave you lacking in any department.
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