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HQ-CCS-2*plasma, medic, vox, chimera-175pts

Troop-Vets-2*melta, vox, boltgun, chimera-151pts

Troop-Vets-2*melta, vox, power weapon, chimera-160pts

Troop-PCS- autocannon, vox, medic- 60pts

Troop-Infantry Squad- autocannon, sniper, vox-67pts

Troop-Infantry Squad- autocannon, sniper, vox-67pts

Heavy Support-Leman Russ Extermination- heavy bolter sponsors, hull heavy bolter-150pts

Heavy Support- Manticore-170pts


Power weapon and bolter are just to use up the remaining points, voxes and medics are added for modelling reasons. Chimeras speed up a flak/cause problems, potentially with the leman russ, platoon form static gunline with the manticore.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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