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2500 space marine list
Shrike cost 195
Chapter master
Storm shield thunder hammer artificer armour digital weapons jump pack cost 220
6 Honour guard
digital lasers 3 relic blades razorback with extra armour and a chapter banner cost 285
10 Tactical squad
missile flamer power fist costs 195 x3
Camo cloaks 2 rifles and a shotgun sergeant telion cost 140
5 chainfists and a cyclone missile launcher cost 255
6 Terminator assault
3 thunder hammers and storm shields cost 240x2
Jump packs 2 storm shields and power weapons
Cost 235
3 missiles and a lascannons cost 160

Total 2555

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you have a weird mish mash of units. I'd suggest dropping the honor guard to get a ride for your assault terminators. Then drop the chapter master in order to get some rhinos for your tactical squads to improve mobility. Finally I believe you should start at a point level lower than 2500 if your new to marines. I'd suggest trying to build a balanced 1500 pt list.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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