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Hey all, I've been reading up on CSM and a certain fellow caught my eye, Fabius Bile. I've built this rather fluffy list around him, and would appreciate your thoughts.

Fabius Bile
10x CSM, all enhanced and IoS: 200
10x CSM, all enhanced and IoS: 200
Sorcerer, Terminator, MoS, Familiar, LoS, GoC: 175
3x Obliterators
Chaos Spawn

The CSM and Fabius would foot slog in, giving the Obs and Sorcerer time to DS in. The Sorcerer would separate and lash targets for Obs, assault for safety and making more Spawn with GoC.

Alot of CSM lists seem to Rhino it up, but I couldn't seem to make them fit, thoughts/comments?

Cheers :biggrin:

Enhanced marines are cool, and will carve up enemy forces in close quarters. Problem: Rhinos are needed to make sure you can close the gap, especially versus shooty armies. Also enhanced CSMs can roll a 6 and then every round you lose another marine, all the more important to get stuck in.
The Chaos spawn could be traded in for 1 rhino. Drop the terminator armour on the sorceror and you get the next rhino. Now both squads are mounted. The next point is to give those enhanced marines a melta gun in each squad to give some anti tank. You'll need to drop a CSM in each squad, but it makes room for the sorceror and Fabius to bolster up each squad.


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