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Hello, about 7 yrs ago I played a 6k Lizardmen army then one day all the magic went away and with that went my army. Now the bug is back but seems this has changed a lot and so looking for suggestions on what to buy to start again with WOC 1000pt at least. It seems getting the battalion is not a good idea due to the marauders, so what should I get first to make a 1000pts army? Eventually I will get Be'Lakor and all the heroes just cause I love the figures and painting them and yes it will probably make it to 6k pts or so once I get all of them, but for now, got to start small and have fun so any suggestions?

BTW what happened to the $20 rule books????? now its almost $50!!! darn!!! I'm glad I still have some of the old ones...just dont have WOC oh well.

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