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Hello, about 7 yrs ago I played a 6k Lizardmen army then one day all the magic went away and with that went my army. Now the bug is back but seems this has changed a lot and so looking for suggestions on what to buy to start again with WOC 1000pt at least. It seems getting the battalion is not a good idea due to the marauders, so what should I get first to make a 1000pts army? Eventually I will get Be'Lakor and all the heroes just cause I love the figures and painting them and yes it will probably make it to 6k pts or so once I get all of them, but for now, got to start small and have fun so any suggestions?

BTW what happened to the $20 rule books????? now its almost $50!!! darn!!! I'm glad I still have some of the old ones...just dont have WOC oh well.


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A couple of Warhound units are always useful for early deployment drops, harassing war machines, redirecting, and such.

Most configurations of Warrior are good value: my favourite is Shield and Halberd so they have a good save to get close, hit slightly harder, and don't lose their initiative; if you want an anvil, Tzeentch Warriors with Shields are solid.

In an army that isn't designed to make best use of every single point, I often include some Marauders with Great Weapons. Giving them Flails instead is also amusing.

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WoC is a great army because there is SOOOO much diversity in our army!! Many people like to build armies based off of one of the Chaos gods. Some people like to run loads of heavily armored troops like Warriors, Knights, Chosen, Chariots, and Skullcrushers. Others like the "Monster Army" lead by Throgg and then adding a bunch of Trolls, Dragon Ogres, a Shaggoth, etc. Others like to try to mix in a little bit of everything. That being said, you should take a look at the book and see what interests you about the army.

Here's what I run for one of my 1K lists:
Lvl 2 Shadow Sorcerer w/ Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Chaos Familiar -- 220
16 Warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle, Shields, Halberds, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness -- 365
6 Hounds -- 36
Gorebeast Chariot w/ Mark of Slaanesh -- 135
3 Skullcrushers w/ Ensorcelled Weapons, Standard Bearer -- 244

That comes to 1000pts exactly. Has a sorcerer for magic offense and defense. Has hounds for harassing/redirecting/shielding and maybe going after a war machine. The rest is there to just beat face.

To make that list, you're looking at 2 boxes of warriors, 1 box of hounds, 1 chariot kit, & 1 box of crushers. You can use the warrior kit and bits from the other kits to make the sorcerer if you're feeling adventurous in the modeling dept. Otherwise you can just pick up one of the plastic or metal character models on top of the kits. To get the halberds on the warriors, you can buy the metal weapons from GW or you can model them up w/ some plastic or brass rod and the weapon heads in the warrior kit. I cheat and use the old "hunchback" models that came w/ halberds. :grin:

Hope this helps some!
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