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I'm only new to WHFB, but not to Warhammer itself. I've played many games in 40k and know some things about the lore of the fantasy game(not everything!)

I decided to go with Skaven. I love the models, I love the evil that the rats portray, and I love having a lot of units.

So far, I have 2 Skaven sets from the IoB set. And I bought 40 used Plague Monks, 4 Jezzails, and 2 Ratling Guns just because they were not being used at my LGS.

So the things I have are:

40 Clanrats w/ Spears 'n Shields (Musician, Standard, and Clawleader)
40 Clanrats w/ Weapons 'n Shields (Musician, Standard, and Clawleader)
40 Plaguerats (I think they have the musician, standard, and leader)
4 Rat Ogres
2 Packmasters
2 Warlords
2 Warlock Engineers
2 Warpfire Throwers
2 Poison Wind Mortars
4 Jezzails
2 Ratling Guns

For now, I want to keep it to a simple 500/1000 pt game.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as fielding as many units as I can?

I would post up an army list, but I don't have the codex, I was using someone's at the store I play at. But trust me, it's on its way.

I just need some suggestions.... I have money, I just don't want to spend it on units that won't do me some good.

If someone were to ask me what I want to do with my army, my response would be "Kill, Maim, Burn"........ But seriously, I want to destroy some High Elves and Bretonnians... The first armies I've played against, and lost.

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Wow bro you're good to go on models. If you're going up against high-Initiative or Armor Save armies like the ones you specified, you just want a shit ton of trops. Clanrats are great because they're so cheap, and Plague Monks are straight awesome with 3 attacks AND T4 for 7pts. Back them up with a high-threat target or two (ex. Rat Ogres) and some fire support like Jezzails at range and Ratling Guns/Warpfire Throwers for the Clanrats and the High Elves/Bretts won't be able to kill enough Rats before the games over.

Kit your General out for survival, pure and simple. Keep him close to the center of a solid formation of several infantry blocks and you're golden.
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