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Got another battle in with NEW NIDs! This time I took out a Tervigon with a big group of her bodygaunts (the official name for them now lol).

I faced off against the Salamanders once again to see how it would all shake up. I didn't take a Tyrant or the Maleceptor to explore a few other units that haven't seen my table yet.
One thing to note is I did indeed mess up on the Tervigon "bodyguard" rule with not having the gants in front of her. In the end it didn't impact the game at all thankfully, but wanted to make note we caught the error and mention it later.

I have been switching back from the new book to the old book for some tournament stuff and it got me a little sloppy on positioning, BUT this was a great thing as it forced me to see how we could handle when things get a little bad haha! Always learning ;)


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