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Hi, I'm really new to warhammer 40k but I've been watching a lot of videos on the game. I've been looking to start building a army (one model at a time) but I'm stuck between a couple options. I would like to know some tips about making a army ect. Plus I really don't know if I have a local shop where i can try the army out.
Factions I've been looking at:
Tau- love the way they look and how they play
Blood Angels- cool look on flyers and tanks
Eldar-love the look of the wraithgaurds and hemlock
Tryanids- Awesome miniatures and new drop pods (idk about their play style though)

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Your descriptions all mention the way the army looks but only two of them mention play style, so it sounds like you are interested more in an army that looks good and can win than an army that will win easily.

So, as most armies have builds and strategies that work well, I suggest choosing how important winning is to you. Once you know that, you can find out if a build that is good enough for your approach contains lots of the models you like.

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Hello and welcome.

There are lots of people here that can help you out with each army and questions about them. It is best to find an army that you like the way the models look and the lore behind them because that will help you with building the army. Usually finding a place to play is the easy part we even have a club section here to find a club or people that are local and play.

So check out the various forums and ask questions people here are cool and want to help a new person out.
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