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unfortuntly eldar are not the best army for long range rearly (Tau and Guard have that aera covered alot better). The way i see it is you can go with 3 possible army types.

You would need a fiar few Wave Serpents as well as Jet bikes and Fire Prisms. You would normaly load your Wave serpents with Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons to deal witht he horde/tanks respectivally. Using the Fire Prisms for support and maybe a Shaodw Weaver too (rules in WD366). Taking things like Blade Strom will mean that you just unload on the enemy killing them in 1 swoop and then next turn get back into your transport and get out of there.

My personal fave. Oftne using the Avatar to abuse your combat troops or other horde like forces with lots of Guardian, however it cna work for a gunline type army. Using Ranger/Pathfinders and Guardians as you core for long range as well as uing some War Walkers and Wraith Lords will give you massive fire power at range (Bright Lances scare all but Necrons) Scatter lasers are your best friend with this type of army (hell mine has a total of 8!)

Often a long ranged unit such as Guardians and then a combat unit in transports. This oftne limits what yoiu have on the frountlines/support and thus reduces your ability there however this type of army if far more flexible. I often see lots of Guardiand/Rangers whith Wave Serpents loaded with Fire Dragons and Fire Prisms darting about. Falcons also work well in this build due to there flexibility over other eldar tanks.

Personaly i would suggest the 3rd choice to start with as this will give you an idea on what you want from your eldar. So here is what i suggest you get ontop of your battle force to get you going.
- A HQ, possibly a Farseer, tho a Autarch could also work well.
- Another wave serpent
- atleast 1 un it of Fire Draongs, possibly 2.
- a Falcon for your Dire Avengers
- a pair of Prisms
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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