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Hey there !

I'm new to w40k :) I scrolled for some time trough rules and lore and now I think it's my time to start !
I think I'll start learning with some pretty common models but ultimately I think I would like to have a salamanders army !

After some search on the internet I've found that most of the salamanders army are painted to the 1st and 2nd companies color (wich are the following according to the 8th space marine codex).


I pretty much like the idea of having reserve companies color in a collection and variation of companies number, but my guess is that because the stickers are only white and black, it is very expensive to do so with the salamanders, because it means having primaris pauldron from the primaris upgrade frame to paint the physical salamander head with a color or an other.

What do you guys think about this ? Am I missing something or this could be the reason ? What about trying to paint the sticker maybe ?

Also, did anyone of you tried the squad marking variation instead of the classic flammes ? in seems not possible without painting it by hand but i'm not sure (from the salamander codex suplement).


While I'm there, have any of you found rules about these variant ? In function of squad role maybe ?

Thanks guys ! Have fun ! :)

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