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Hey guys I just started playing O&G recently and I was hoping I could get some feedback on my list to see if there was anything I could tweek to make it better. I should start off though by saying that I'm not a fan of black orc characters, I think they're too expensive for what you get. But here's the list:

Orc Warboss (with black orcs)
Basha's Axe
Gamblers Armor

Orc Big Boss (with savage orcs)
Great Weapon
War Banner

Night Goblin Shaman

Orc Boyz x 30
Full Command

Orc Arrer Boyz x 20
Standard, Musician

Savage Orc Boyz x 29
Additional Hand Weapon
Big 'Uns
Full Command

Night Goblins x50
Full Command
Fanatics x2

Black Orcs x 19
Full Command

Orc Boar Boyz x10
Full Command

Orc Boar Chariot x2

Goblin Wolf Chariot x3

Spear Chukka

Rock Lobber x2
Orc Bully on both

Doom Diver Catapult

Thanks again for any feedback.

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Just a heads up that I am doing this on my phone so don't have access to specific point values. But anyway onto your list: first of all I really recommend black orc bosses due to their quell animosity, give one at least to your savage orcs as even just one failed animosity test with such a key unit can really set you back or even lose you the whole game. I also recommend dropping the Orc boys units for more night goblins with fanatics, these units Instill the fear of mork in people and even if they draw them out with sacrifice units, it just means they aren't using them to block your big combat units. I would also recommend making your black Orc unit even just slightly bigger as they will attract fire power. I also prefer doom divers to rock throwers so would say to swap one for a doom diver (it's funny to see Knights just drop dead from flying gobbos). And lastly I would swap your chariots for upgraded pump wagons and/or mangler squigs. Mangler squigs are just too good in my opinion for their points and pump wagons with 4d6 random move are faster than chariots, hit harder and can deal with flanking units due to the way random movement works. I may try and elaborate when i get home, but if you have any questions then feel free to ask. Happy gaming!

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Right I'm home now and here's what I would recommend changing.

-Gamblers Armour on Warboss
-Warbanner and G weapon on Bigboss
-30 Orc Boyz
-20 Arrer Boyz
-20 Night Goblins and Champion from Night Goblin unit
-2 Boar Chariots
-3 Goblin Chariots
-Spear Chukka
-Rock Lobber

+Armour of destiny on Warboss (more protection for general)
+Make BSB a Black Orc and give him Talisman of preservation and Enchanted Shield (He still retains 'armed to da teeth' and is hard to kill. Also will mean your savage orcs won't fail animosity.)
+Dispel Scroll on Shaman (stop key spell)
+Goblin Big Boss, spear, light Armour, Shield, Wolf (Can have him on his own to hunt down warmachines/ small flanking units, or put in boar boyz)
+30 Night Goblin unit with Standard, Musician and 2 fanatics. (allows you to spread out your fanatic threats and at least 8 goblins have to die at full strength before panic)
+10 Black Orcs and banner of eternal flame to unit (makes the unit more likely to get to the opponent at a good size and can deal with regen units)
+make boar boyz savage orcs and give shields (hit harder with frenzy and have 6+ ward)
+3 pump wagons, spiky-rolla, Out-rigga and flappas (I love pump wagons, stick them on your flanks and you don't have to worry about flyers or fast cavalry)
+2 Mangler squigs (these guys are vicious, throw them into your opponent's key units or use them to deter charges)
+Doom Diver (knight killer)

Your list didn't seem to have enough units that your opponent had to worry about (e.g orc boyz units), a lack of mobility and flank protection and lastly I felt animosity could really ruin your day.
I feel these changes would fix those problems as now pretty much everything in your army has something to concern your opponent, really good flank protection (pump wagons and potentially mangler squigs) and now thanks to the black orc bsb your savage orc big uns don't have to worry about animosity (except from the big boss himself :p).
I'm sorry if it seems like I have changed your whole army, but its just my suggestions. Take from it what you will.

Happy Gaming!
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