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G'day heretics,

Please excuse the lack of accurate points costs here, i'm not 100% and am waiting on payday for some new codexes... but. I've been peer pressured into cracking out the elves i bought some years back, and now it seems i may actually get a game. In aid of this, i need an army...

Currently i have:
IoB Prince on Griffon -390ish?
10x Swordmasters - 200ish?
10x ellyrian reavers - 180
Repeater bolt thrower. 70

I have unassembled or unpainted:
10 old swormasters
Perhaps 30 spearelves
Perhaps 30 archers
5x Dragon Princes
Lion chariot
Noble banner bearer
Alith Anar
10x lothern sea guard
5x old shadow warriors.

I would like to have either a cavalry based force (with some light infantry support) or a force worthy of fielding Alith Anar at its head. where should i go from here?
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