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Hey everyone!

I started playing 40k when 7th edition came out with an Imperial Guard army. I traded a Warmhordes army for about 8500pts of CSM stuff(bare bones no upgrades on anything). I'm new to CSM and have played a few games mostly just putting together lists that looked cool, well needless to say I haven't had alot of luck in achieving victory. I was wondering what are some good lists/models that I could run to show some promise on winning some games? Lately the only armies I've been seeing are Sisters of Battle, Necrons, IG and other CSM/SM.

Instead of listing stuff I have, I'll say some stuff i don't have:
No FW stuff
Forge/Mauler fiends

I have at least 2x if not more of each vehicle in the Codex
3x shooty terminators and 3x melee ones
5x Daemon princes(one is Khorne and one is Nurgle, the rest are the plastic kits)
One of each of the special characters from the codex(Lord, Lord on Jugg, sorcerer, etc.)
I have a minimum unit if not more of everything else in the codex(with the exception of whats listed above)

I also have some daemons:
10x plague bearers
15x bloodletters
1x Bloodthirster
1x Lord of Change

I believe that's about it, I apologize for the lengthy post and for whomever reads this. I hope for some feed back on some tactics and whatnot from the veteran players. Thanks in advance!

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Your list should depend on what army you want to use - one that 'obeys' force organisation chart or one that is unbound. I've always liked a reasonable balance however. My staple list consists of at least:
- 1 Flying Daemon Prince (Close Combat/Psyker up to you)
- 2 x 10 CSM squad, nurgle, 2 x Meltagun in Rhino
- 3 Obliterators, nurgle.

Chaos Space Marines main strength is (IMO) the range of versatile infantry we have access to, T5 troops choices? Yes please. You can also 'theme' an army by taking a HQ that makes cult choices troops.

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to better "improve" the above list i'd say to make 3 units of 5 nurgle marines with meltaguns and combimelta instead of 2, maybe with another unit on foot to babysit the obliterators. i'd also suggest you get some 20 cultists since they are a truly reliable tactical unit, able to do many things, from swarming the field to dying cowering behind a ruin...
So i'd say, for a normal 998 pts
Nurgle daemon prince w/wings (200)
(for fast melee menace)

5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
5 marines, nurgle, melta, combimelta, rhino (145)
(for objective grabbing and antitank duty, always remember you can dislodge units from objectives with a rhino trampling...)

5 Plague marines, 2 flamers, meltabombs (135)
(for obliterator babysitting and footslogging advance if needed)

3 units of 1 Nurgle Obliterators (228)
(for pew pew pew)

Hope this helps, GLORY TO CHAOS!
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