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Hi all

Planning to get started with some friends on a campaign that is built around all of us starting new armies and building up as it progresses.

I have finally chosen to indulge my more lore focused side and take on chaos and am looking forward to it, despite some weaknesses that appear to be in the faction right now.

that said the campaign requires us to start with 500, then move up in 500 increments until 2000, while keeping all units used before.

theres a little lee way, equipment can be changed, units upgraded or expanded and so on, but the core idea of the entry must remain. finally we have agreed to build meet all comers lists, but i do know it wont be pure 3+'s to deal with.

i have below my 500 list to start with and my final 2000 point list that i will lead up to. c&c are very much appreciated. Additionally im interested inw hat people find works in terms of anti armour and anti flyer. i can see the obvious entries but if its possible id like to hear about peoples experiences.


sorcerer, aura

7 marines, melta, lightning claw, melta bombs, rhino, havoc

5 marines, melta, rhino, havoc,

predator, lascannons

Sorc in with the 7 marines.


Sorcerer, MoT, Terminator Armour, Level 2

sorcerer, MoS, spell familiar, aura, melta bombs, level 2

9 CSM, MoK, ccws (no bolters), melta, lighting claw, melta bombs

7 CSM, 1 melta, lighting claw, melta bombs, rhino

5 CSM, 1 melta, rhino


Helbrute, Autocannon
10 cultists, flamer
10 cultists, flamer

7 noise marines, sonic blasters, blast master, lighting claw, melta bombs, rhino

5 terminators, 2 power fists, 2 combi meltas, MoT (Sorc here)

Heldrake (flamer)

Predator, Lascannons

Vindicator, combi bolter

Landraider, dirge caster


im hoping to use the helcult as a distraction and bullet shield for the advance, with land raider and other tanks going central with the rhino squads mobile on the flanks and claiming objectives.

any thought are as said welcomed.

thanks for your time.
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