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New to 40k and this forum. Intro and some questions.

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Hello, I am Lucas, and I'm from Indiana. I am new to Warhammer 40k, I'd heard of it before but never really looked into until recently. From what I've seen on youtube and what I've read of the rulebook online I think I'm going to enjoy it. Like I said, I've been reading the rule book on scribd or something like that, and It all seems pretty simple for the most part, but there are parts of the shooting phase that are a little hard for me to comprehend at this point in time. After playing a couple games, I think I'll have a better grasp on how it works.

I've yet to collect my army, but I'm almost positive I'm going for Space Marines, from what I've read they seem pretty sweet, and their model's are really appealing to me (not to mention the assault on black reach comes with some lol). Hopefully I can get some good information and help through this forum, make some friends, and discuss my future experiences and battles with like minded down to earth players. Thanks, and happy gaming!:eek:k:
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Marines aren't bad. In my opinion I've always disliked the "normal" vanilla marines. I tend to use other codexes like the space wolves or blood angels codex for my salamander rules.

I recommend for all you new 40k players to get into the "fluff" it helps and gets the game a lot more interesting. "Fluff" is all the books out there. Pretty good stuff, especially the Heresy novels. Good luck you heretics.
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