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Hi Nord_MN.
I'll try and help but consider that all i can say is just theory, since i've never played extensively to 30K

I'd say you should aim for a 2000 pts army, that's the spot in 30k games.

I'd start with a Master of Signal Legion Centurion, then add a couple of Legionnaires squads in rhino.
Then i'd go for rapiers and/or quad guns, plus a couple Medusa tank for that Str 10 AP2 love.

You should still have around 500 pts to play with. Many people use siege terminators. Also havocs seems cool, for those 5-6 extra missile launchers.
I'd never skip a Sicaran tank, though. It's just too good. Sponson weapons at your discretion, but i reccomend always having those.

Please someone corrects me if i say some bullshit, but i think that should be fine.
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