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An excerpt from the rules of this thing:

Flyers and the Deep Strike Special Rule
As well as arriving via the usual Reserves method, some Flyers also have the ability to
deploy via Deep Strike, representing a vertical ‘dive’ onto the battlefield. If the Flyer in
question has the Hover type, the controlling player must declare before the Deep Strike
is attempted whether the Flyer is Zooming or being treated as a Fast Skimmer. If using
Hover mode, the rules for Deep Strike apply as standard. If using a Zooming Deep Strike,
Flyers deploying via Deep Strike count as making a Zoom move and having moved at
Cruising speed (18") on the turn they arrive, but are not moved any further in the turn
in which they are deployed. They cannot evade, go Flat Out, drop bombs or deploy
transported units on the turn in which they arrive. On subsequent turns, the Flyer is free
to operate as normal. This is a risky proposition for an aircraft and a test of a pilot’s skill,
and so the usual rules for Deep Strike mishaps apply even though the Flyer is notionally at
a higher altitude than is normally the case.
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