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New Space Wolves / Demons Campaign book

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From BoLS:

40K Rumors: Space Wolves & Chaos Daemons Campaign
Posted by Larry Vela at January 21, 2016

There’s a new morsel from the rumorsphere on 40’s next campaign book – And it stars the Space Wolves and the Ruinous Powers!

OK, all the standard caveats apply. Here’s the latest from Lucky Shot on Faeit 1-20-2016

“Space Wolves campaign book is called “Curse of the Wulfen”

Also includes a decurion for Chaos Daemons

via Darnok on Warseer 1-20-2016

“I’ve been told the SW will not get a new codex, but an expansion book – I guess similar to the last Tau update. There will be new models, but I have no details about them (yet).”

Earlier this week sources told BoLS that the Space Wolves are returning this year, but there are some big caveats:

Look for the Space Wolves to return in the first half of the year, before summer arrives.
This will be a minor “reboxing release”
Look for some originally limited edition models to make their way into the standard SW range.
Look for mostly reboxings with updated bases and the like.
There is no current word on an updated codex.
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Wow, yeah, good job GW - those relics are a vast improvement over the last supplement book we got, really nailed it and given a faction in need of a boost some new tricks to try out.

By the way, the art in this book is hilariously terrible.
Hm. Interesting to me that there's no sign of a hardcover amalgamation of the books in this week's releases. Hope that shows up with the next installment otherwise that's potential bad news for books updated by campaigns.
yeah i don't want to have to buy that whole set just to get the Daemons stuff as i have no interest in space wolves. never liked them, Thousand Sons all the way, you can bash ya wolves up your arse :biggrin:
oh and $320 for it never happenning

181 - 185 of 185 Posts
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