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New Space Wolves Army - Need help deciding list

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Just picked up a Space Wolves army.

Not sure how to run them though. Units have all been magnetized, so they don't necessarily need to be one type of unit specifically.

Just want advice

1 x Logan Grimnar
1 x Canis Wolfborn
1 x Ragnar Blackmane
1 x Wolf Priest Ulrik
1 x Njal Stormcaller
5 x Terminators
30 x Greyhunters/bloodclaws/wolf guard - they can be any of these
1 x predator
5 x scouts
1 x Dreadnought
2 x drop pods

Finally Had a chance to play with them, really loving the Grey Hunters.

Thinking of purchasing the following in the next couple days to expand the army...

2 x space marine scouts with snipers
1 x battleforce
2 x devastator squads (for long fangs)
1 x Space wolves wolf Guard Terminators

and possibly

1 x space marine bike squadron
1 x set of 10 jump packs/ 1 x assault squad

Still have no idea what to do for the army list, but right now i'm shooting for 3 lists.


Also, forgot to mention that all SM have magnetized arms, so they can really be turned into anyone I want. work for multiple of my units. Considering Magnetizing their packs so I can switch them in and out of being sky claws.

Any help would be great. Thanks!
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