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So I just recently got into Warhammer 40k , and have picked up some Space Wolves models to start building an army with. I'm having trouble figuring out an effective army to build, I feel like I'm just throwing things together willy nilly to see what happens. My available resources right now are:
20 Grey Hunters - I've left some arms off until I figure out exactly what loadout to give them.
5 scouts
drop pod
4 long fangs plus unit leader
Rune Priest
Venerable Dreadnought/Bjorn - I have this guy painted as bjorn but I could field him as just a venerable, depending on point values. He has the twin-linked lascannon and heavy flamer.

I'm fortunate in that the guys I play with don't care if I play with semi-complete models, so I've been playing around with equipment load outs a bit.
The one that I seem to have had the most success with is:
2 units of 10 Grey Hunters with - powerfist, meltagun, flamer
5 scouts - 4 with boltguns 1 with melta
Rune Priest with - Jaws of the World Wolf, Storm Cloud
Long Fangs with lascannons
Drop Pod
Venerable Dreadnought/Bjorn with twin-linked lascannons, heavy flamer

So far I've played two games, with some combination of the above. We've been playing with kind of random point requirements, because all of us are trying to build armies, so in some matches I've just fielded the grey hunters and rune priest, things like that. What I'm hoping is to get some advice on a direction to take on how to equip these squads and what I should I acquire to develop a decently balanced army.

Basically I'm looking to build a rounded space wolves army that will be reasonably competitive on most fields of play. I'd like to be able to field at least 1500 points. I'm floundering around trying to figure out what to do, and would welcome any advice.

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These are just my thoughts


any HQ can work but to me, the most trusted one is a rune priest their cheap and comes with powers like Living Lightning :)


all the elite choices are nice. Personally only thing I buy from elites are Wolf guard which I then put in my grey hunters


Grey hunters with wolf standards......I don;t need to say anything else

Fast Attack

I don;t like the fact that SW bikes and Assault Squads are just blood claws especially since blood claws don't do jack to begin with. Land Speeders can be built to do just about anything which makes them very deadly


For heavy support look no further then long fang packs with Missile Launchers a unit carrying 5 of them is pretty cheap and with the 2 versions of missiles they are flexible. Add a Lascannon Razorback and you have a solid fire base in which to unleash the wrath of Fenris

Now I'm not the oldest noir the wisest SW player but my list is well rounded and my win record for it pretty good I recently boosted it to 1850 you can take a look for yourself here


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rune priest good start never leave home without one
grey hunters depends how you play put one in drop pod to seize objectives so you control the game not your opponents
scouts melta, bolt pistols and chainswords. They are great in shocking gun line troops as you can arrive on you opponents edge
dreadnought only in pod if armed with melta or anti infantry
long fangs now I prefer 3 missile launchers 2 heavy bolter squad leader having nothing as leader doesn't fire so you can split fire or if under pressure concentrate fire on one infantry squad. 3 blasts and 6 s5 shots can decimate a squad just remember to roll mlaunchers first
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