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New Space Marine army

I've recently been offered the following space marines as a trade for some other miniatures.

Space Marine battle force box
Drop Pod
5 x Assault marines
5 x Devastators
6 x terminators.

I'm trying to make a reasonably competitive list out of it. So far I have:

Librarian in Terminator amour with a storm shield 140pts

Tactical squad 260pts
-10 marines
-plasma cannon
-plasma gun
-power fist and teleport homer on sergeant

Tactical squad 260pts
-10 marines
-melta gun
-power fist and teleport homer on sergeant

Terminator squad (librarian joins) 235pts
-5 Terminators
-Cyclone ML

Fast attack 235pts
Assault Squad
-10 marines
-2 flamers
-power fist on sergeant

Total: 1130 points

Does anyone have an idea what I could add to bring this up to 1500pts or cut it down to 1000pts? I was thinking of a pair of vindicators maybe?
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