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Looks pretty good for a BA list! :wink:
Not too sure on the dread though, I know you've done some funky conversions but due to the rage movement he'll be easilly led astray and shot to ribbons, without a pod I'd look to leave him at home.
If possible I'd look to drop the furioso and add an Annihilator with HB's along with a vital power fist/thunder hammer for the vets to give them some punch In combat.
1000-1500pts lists for BA's are a real pain In the arse as getting the overall balance that we were used to Is no longer possible. Just to give you a few extra Ideas heres my list that I've been using recently placing 3rd In two out of three tournaments shows that they've still got something going for them! 8)
What other models do you have available?

Angels Wing

Mephiston (225pts) Compulsory killing machine! :twisted:
Lemartes (125pts)

5 x Tac Marines: Flamer, Rhino (160pts) OCE Screen for DC/Mephiston
5 x Tac Marines: Flamer, Rhino (160pts)

10 x Death Company: Jump Packs (290pts)

1 x Attack Bike: Multi-Melta (50pts) Cheap scoring units good AT
1 x Attack Bike: Multi-Melta (50pts)
1 x Attack Bike: Multi-Melta (50pts)

Predator Annihilator: Heavy Bolters (130pts) Ranged AT/Horde control
Predator Annihilator: Heavy Bolters (130pts)
Predator Annihilator: Heavy Bolters (130pts)

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