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New Releases: Stormcast Prosecutors and Knights

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Some new Stormcast releases are en-route, and since these are likely going to be the last Stormcast releases for some time, it's fitting that this is the biggest one since the initial release;

The Stormcast Prosecutor kit is the first, and this time Grandaxes, Grandhammers, twin hammers and Storm Javelins are weapon options for these fine models. But in addition we also have the Knight-Azyros, which appears to be an airborne Castellan of some kind, and the Knight-Venator as an airborne archer. I VERY MUCH like these Knight kits and will definitely be getting at least a Knight-Venator.

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Honestly, I think they're starting to drag the aesthetic out a little too much. I get that they're just souls in suits of armour and they should look the same, and you need a uniform look to an army, but I don't know what the difference is between these flying guys and the other flying guys. Even between the two of these new units, some have swords and the others have swords on sticks in two hands, and painted up I have to look quite carefully to see what they actually are.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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