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I just finished Stormcaller. It was a superb read, winding up from the aftermath of the first book and blasting into action as the pack grows stronger and tighter.

And theres lots of powerful psyker action. Njal Stormcaller is elemental fury personified.

But by the end, the plot took a very suprising, unexpected twist that have me eager for the third book in the series. I sure did not see -THAT- comming!

I rate Stormcaller to be significantly better than Blood of Asaheim, it felt much like his work with Battle of the Fang.
I read Stormcaller some time ago, got a pre-owned copy from the HH weekender, and I quite enjoyed it as well. Njal himself definitely adds lots to the story from badass psyker power to an interesting character that is a part of the racial soul of the Space Wolves; the part where he describes what he considers each of the three lords of Fenris to be is very interesting; Grimar is essentially the joy of the hunt, the singing of sagas and the love of battle; Ulrik the Slayer is the tearing of flesh, savaging of the prey and the drinking of blood; and Njal himself is death, he is the end of the hunt and the darkness that lies beyond it. Plus he got all the best one-liners. :biggrin:

I did enjoy the deeper look at the bonds between the pack in the book, and the brief look at the life of a tribesman on Fenris in the prologue was interesting, especially how women, childbirth and child-rearing are done on a world where most people never reach 30. Also the toning down of the bromance from the first book was a good choice, with those odd moments absent the Wolves felt like a unit that made a lot more sense lore-wise. I also liked the relationship between the Sisters of Battle and Jarnhamar pack, particularly Sister Callia and Jorundur, these two forming an almost friendly relationship, and both Ingvar and Gunnlaugur gaining respect for Canoness De Chatelaine was surprising, though it led to a harsh scene; where Njal once again got ALL the best lines.

One of the best parts for me though are the Death Guard; their war-weary and almost kindly attitudes towards those they fight make them a very complicated group, plus it's probably the first time they've been portrayed as the tired and running-on-fumes group that the lore says they are. They want it all to end, the war and everything else that means they have to keep going on. The Mycelite was another interesting one, particularly exactly where he came from which led to an interesting though admittedly not unique conversation.

I agree with you Lucian, the ending was a complete game-changer and I look forward to seeing how the third book will resolve this conflict. If this book were written about any other Chapter, we would all already know how this ends. But with the Wolves, there's really no way to tell just yet.

I'm SOOO hoping you're not leading me on! I bought it, but might not get to it for a week or so. But maybe I'll put Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men on hold...
Let me put it this way. His title in the book is "The Tempest-That-Walks." And if anything, that's somewhat underplaying what he's capable of.

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