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Space marines ( 13th Legion/ Ultramarines chapter), tyranids, Drukhari, Custodes, SoS,
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Sounds like a decent list for all intents and purposes. however, consider how you would cope with armies that are gun-heavy. I am thinking Tau, they will try and neuter your list before you get into combat, or Drukhari (the new hotness) who will scream and shout across the board taking objectives and trying to circumvent your defences.

As for model ideas, depends on your loadout. As a base for your grand master, Voldus is a good shout. Armed with a storm bolter and daemon hammer you can change his head and use some parts from the Paladin squad or the brother captain model. I am not including possible third party model pieces, for example if you want the model to have bionic limbs.

If you want the force halberd then the paladin squad for spares is a good choice. Then add whatever spare pieces you have to make him more menacing.

hope it helps
1 - 1 of 3 Posts