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New player seeks wisedom ;)

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- Daemon Prince - wings, mark of tz, warp time - 175pts
- Terminator Lord - terminator armour, daemon weapon, mark of khorne - 170

Troop Choices
-12 Khorne Berserkers - skull champion w/ power fist - 292pts
-7 plague marines - Plague champion - 176pts

Heavy support
-Defiler - havoc launcher - 155
-2 obliterators - 150

-5 terminators - 1 w/ powerfist + reaper autocannon - 185pts

Fast Attack
-5 raptors - 1 aspiring champion w/ lightning claws - 140 pts

1443 pts total

New player here, need critisism on army. Dont really know what i'm doing so please let me knowww.

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I'm confused with your demon prince, you gave it mark of tzeentch yet you only gave it one physcic power. If you give a demon prince or sorcerer mark of tzeentch they get to use two physcic powers. I also doubt that plague marines have a skull champion, other than that marneus has it very much covered.

Happy Slaughtering
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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