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New player seeks wisedom ;)

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- Daemon Prince - wings, mark of tz, warp time - 175pts
- Terminator Lord - terminator armour, daemon weapon, mark of khorne - 170

Troop Choices
-12 Khorne Berserkers - skull champion w/ power fist - 292pts
-7 plague marines - Plague champion - 176pts

Heavy support
-Defiler - havoc launcher - 155
-2 obliterators - 150

-5 terminators - 1 w/ powerfist + reaper autocannon - 185pts

Fast Attack
-5 raptors - 1 aspiring champion w/ lightning claws - 140 pts

1443 pts total

New player here, need critisism on army. Dont really know what i'm doing so please let me knowww.

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Some sound advice has been given already, but I shall chime in with what I have! :)

Berzerkers: Make them 8 in number, to please Khorne (and anything over that is generally overkill :p), and hand them a Rhino.

Plague marines: Fine as is, but hand the Champion a power fist, and issue them 2 meltaguns or 2 plasma guns, and mobility is key. Rhinoes everywhere! :)

I would also consider dropping the terminators and lord for more troops, either berzerkers or plague marines (seing as that's what you're going with. Anything will work, really.)

The Daemon Prince with Mark of Tzeentch would be, to my consideration, the best Daemon Prince with the current configuration: Wings, Warptime, Wind of Chaos. For 205 points, you will get a mean killing machine. Take two! :)

For the defiler, they always work best in 2 or more. And best configuration is generally 2 close combat weapons: If you're not shooting anything with the battlecannon, you're fleeting for close combat. Keep in mind, you can only shoot the ordnance weapon if you so choose, not the other ones.

Also, I would opt to hand at least one meltagun to the raptors, and have them flying behind your rhinoes. That way, they can surge forward when the inevitable charge comes around, and help with taking out either high-toughness monsters or removing a transport from the weak prey within, allowing you to throw your Berzerkers in there.

Hope that helped!
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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