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New player seeks wisedom ;)

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- Daemon Prince - wings, mark of tz, warp time - 175pts
- Terminator Lord - terminator armour, daemon weapon, mark of khorne - 170

Troop Choices
-12 Khorne Berserkers - skull champion w/ power fist - 292pts
-7 plague marines - Plague champion - 176pts

Heavy support
-Defiler - havoc launcher - 155
-2 obliterators - 150

-5 terminators - 1 w/ powerfist + reaper autocannon - 185pts

Fast Attack
-5 raptors - 1 aspiring champion w/ lightning claws - 140 pts

1443 pts total

New player here, need critisism on army. Dont really know what i'm doing so please let me knowww.

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For your troops, I would definitely give them rhinos, Khorne Berzerkers never seem to last very long without a rhino or land raider. I've never actually used Plague marines, but they are pretty tough, however I would still give them a rhino for the sake of it anyway.

Your terminators would also benefit from a transport, so a Land Raider for them I would say.

Raptors I've always personally swayed away from, because they never used to last for me, the always seemed to die before they could do anything. I would always tend towards using Bikers as opposed to Raptors, with the benefit of Toughness 5 when they move at max, they are pretty cool.

Your heavy support looks good!
So ditch the raptors, 2 rhinos.

Thing is, the people i will be playing with will wanna do 1.5k point games, the land raider would be to much, because its ALOT of points :S.
Well, either that or Deep Strike them, and I would wait for some more opinions before you ditch anything :), just so you know if its safe to do so :laugh:.
I think if I was gonna change this, I would take the terminator lord out, allowing you a spare 170pts. I would then use this 170pts for some bikers, then I would drop the raptors for a Land Raider if you can afford it..

Its a tough list to change to be honest, but don't feel as if we're telling you what to do, cause if you want to get the raptors to use, get 'em its your army. The models are awesome I will agree, especially the Lord with Jump Pack and Lightning claws.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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