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Okay so I usually play Tau. I recently bought a whole host of IG on ebay without really knowing anything about the army. I just went with what was cheap and what I thought looked cool.

I'm going to be playing a few games over the weekend and I'd like to try out my IG.

I have an idea about how commands/orders work but I think if I could get 3 lists written out I could just focus on learning the stats & tactics for those models over the next day or so.

I usually play against Dark Angels, Nids & eldar so I want to build a fairly all round 1850pt list from what I have, then using the models in that list to create a 1000 & 750pt list.

As it stands I have the following...

80 x infantry
2 x command squads
9 x heavy weapons (i can proxy these to have what ever weapons it doesnt matter)
3 x chimera
1 x hydra
2 x valkyries/vendettas
3 x basilisk
6 x scouts
6 x leman russ
1 x baneblade
1 x hellhound
4 x psykers
2 x commisars
2 x 5man ratlings
creed & kell

I'd like an army that plays somewhat differently to my Tau but I'm finding it hard to get my head around IG.

Any ideas on a good starting point for a 1850pt army out of the models I have?

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