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Well it look pretty solid, the first thing that I can see is take out Drazhar. A succubus with a Archite Glaive and The Armour of Misery would be more survivable and cheaper on points. Also you would get assault grenades. I would get rid of the Wyches as almost anything would be better for the points.

One thing that I use and have never regretted is Scourges armed with Haywire blasters or Heat Lances. They can drop vehicles better than everything else we have. I group my reavers into one unit of 6 but that's just personal preference. Frees up a fast attack slot too. Maybe use some freed-up points to to put some missiles on the Voidraven (I've never used one so I don't know what to tell you about it.). I also exclusively use the realspace raiders detachment to get those critical extra fast attack slots. That's my two cents, good luck and happy raiding.
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