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The base of the list is good, to me.
some points:
1) drop drahzar and take a succubus
2) drop every last one of the unit champions (dracons, sybarite, hekatrix, arena champions). they are truly a waste of points. never, and i say never, i have found them of any use.
3) trueborns with dark lances should be walking (camping, that is), otherwise you just waste the venom firepower nd mobility. I strongly suggest to drop lances and go close and personal with blasters. Blasters are better than dark lances, in my experience.
4) Warriors in raider are fine, but drop the ethersails. Ethersails raiders want to deliver melee units, warriors with splinter rack wants to stay put and go trigger crazy. it's one or the other, not both.
5) wiches are fine, but not just one unit. Imo, you either have ALL wiches in ethersails raiders or ALL warriors in splinterrack raiders. You mix them and you don't shoot enough and don't punch enough in melee. It's one or the other...and given your incubi unit, i'd go medieval and have three unit of 10witches in ether-raiders to support the Hq charge.
6) ravager is meh. really. try Scourges with blasters. more firepower, more mobility, can exploit cover a lot better than the ravager.
7) voidraven...if you like it, have at it. the internet seems to have a good rap about the voidraven. To me is just an overcosted one use pieplate of doom. for the same points, you could have 6 reaver jetbikes with cluster caltrop. or 5 blaster trueborns on venom. or a raider full of grotesques... my problem with the voidraven is: could enter the game late; one trick pony, paperthin vehicle, could scatter badly, after-bomb firepower is not enough. at that point another ravager is better, imo.

What do you think?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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