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Hello all,

Just got into 40k due to a bunch of my friends, I wanted to see what your thoughts were on my army and if I am on the right track strategy wise against my friends as I haven't played anything other than practice games, and after 2 months I finally finished my army

It took me so long to finish my army since I essentially bought mis match ebay auctions of bits, unfinished, and damaged models, and then repaired them for play.

As such I was able to amass (what I feel) is an impressive army

As follows:

1 stompa
1 baneblade
11 trukk
25 deff koptas
3 battlewagons
9 warbikes
7 Killa Kans
9 Mek Guns
1 Mad doc Grotsnik
1 Boss Zagstruk
1 Captain Badrukk
1 Ghazgull Thrakka
11 tank bustas
17 storm boys
24 lootas
16 burnas
19 meks
2 Big Meks (KFF)
1 Big Mek (shokk)
12 meganobs
50 nobs
6 warboss
59 Grots
3 runtherd
383 boyz
11 commando
2 warbuggies
2 painboys

Yes, I know it's a lot, but it took a while to repair and amass and I spent around 600 dollars, half the fun was making it happen.

Now then, I am playing against 3 army types, Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, and Eldar

Probably 500-1000 point games with an odd 1500 point game battle royale

My thoughts in the 500 point games are to rush out with boys, nobs, and maybe a kopta or two, at that point value I doubt I can do much else than simply apply a lot of dakka at the target, I may also deploy my big mek with a KFF to act as support

in 1000 point games, I thought about deploying copious amounts of boys, a battlewagon, ghazrull, and a few trukks, then using the battlewagon and trukks to spearhead my army at the enemy, hoping that the melee is painful enough to drive a wedge, I may use lootas as flank support depending on army

in 1500 point games, I would like to deploy my stompa with a KFF BIG mek and a mek squad in the belly, use him as a spearhead, and then support with a lot of boys and koptas.

Am I just far off base? I don't have a lot of experience, I simply have done a lot of reading, what would you recommend I do tactics wise against those army types?

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You're playing small games, and you know who your opponents are, but you have a huge collection, so that enables you to weight heavily towards one given unit type - to play Rock/Paper/Scissors so to speak. For example you can bring 150 Boyz with KFF Meks or Painboyz in 1000pts, or 3 Battlewagons each full of Nobz/Meganobz etc. You can go super shooty with 2 units of Lootaz and a unit of Gunz along with the Bikes and Coptas.

So long as you weight your army far enough towards one extreme, it ought to make it very hard to deal with, as at those points values, your enemies simply can't incorporate the tools needed to deal with the challenge you present.

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Frankly it could be anything. Necrons generally laugh at AV14 so Battlewagons will be weak against them, and they have a lot of ranged S7 available to them so Trukks/Kanz won't live long either. You're probably best served with Warbikes/Nob Bikes + 3x30 Boyz + Koptaz if he's running "traditional" Necrons.

Chaos is a pretty "meh" codex overall, you should be able to beat him in melee or ranged shooting if you focus enough on it.

Eldar will mainly depend on how many Serpents and Wraithknights he has, and what he supports them with. If he has a Knight then you need something to take it out in every unit - i.e. a Power Klaw. If he doesn't have a Knight but more Tanks then load up with as much S7-S8 shooting as you can possibly fit in the list. If he doesn't have Knights or Tanks then it's a bad list and you ought to be fine.

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bring as much dakka as you can thats my advice. You have it by the trukkload anyway. but sethis is right, necrons pop vehicles so bikes and copters. Chaos might be considered meh by some but heldrakes with baleflamers can tear apart mobs and nurgle forces just wont die easily. eldar well hit them with as many bullets as possible

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Watch or read some battle reports to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each unit that your opponent fields, and of how to use your own. then take what you learn and apply it, take note of results and adjust!

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Very interesting first day of combat, highly successful, the Ork adaptablility really came through

Game one was a 2v2 500 point game, I was allied with Chaos space marines against Blood Angels and Necrons. Terrain was heavy, and it created three distinct fire lanes. I fielded 10 Lootas, the rest boys/gretchins. I used the gretchins as a turn 1 shield and then as an objective capture unit afterwards.

Turn 1 was interesting, I was opposite the Blood Angels, they used every unit they had and charged right at me, but didn't get into close combat, 10 Lootas and 40 shoota boys annhiliated one unit and pushed the other one back. NEcrons moved up to support next turn and suffered the same fate, CSM ally, moved in and mopped up. Orks 1 others 0

Second game, Orks versus Blood Angels, 750 point game, knowing my opponent was going to anticipate a very large army instead of a small concise one, I fielded a Battlewagon, Ghaz, and meganobs in a small, heavy concentrated unit. I deployed behind heavy cover, took turn 1 hits, used meks to repair the Wagon and charged. Ended up in the main fray of the enemy, Ghaz+meganobs made short work of unit 1. Turn 2, no damage to nob unit, declare waggg, mop up unit 2 (and 3 coincidentally on his turn) then Rhino on my turn. Yay cover. Orks2 others 0

Game 3 I lent my baneblade to a friend to even the "money advantage" I had. This was the best game of the night, round one, the baneblade knocks out half my tank busters ina boneheaded deployment, damn. I try to flank around and get hit AGAIN next turn. 20 boys down. Turn 3 I get into melee, take a full unit down, get lootas into the flank and start doing damage, Tankbustas have gotten behind the baneblade at this point and deal 6 points of glance/pen damage (yay 6s), lucky me. They get annhiliated in melee next turn, but the Lootas get a rear shot and finish the baneblade, the remaining boys mop up the few space marines left. Orks 3 others 0.

Battle Royale for game 4, 1500 points, I choose a stompa with a big mek KFF, Burnas converted to meks, runtherders, lootas, and boys in a funnel design, my aim to absorb melee attacks or force assault to eat a lot of DAKKA to get to my stompa. I underestimated the stompa, it takes down units wholesale, no invul or cover, and I make my scatter rolls.. devastating, instant death to 20+ CSM and Blood Angels, only the hero unit remains, who charges my gretchins, one rounds them, and gets DAKKAed to death on my turn by the 60+ boys waiting for a fight. Remaining vehicles face my newly regenerated Stompa who mows them down in Short order, damn I love that Stompa. Necron player declines to engage me, I take him down with a boys melee supported by stompa advances. Orks 4 Others 0.

Good day to be an Ork, WAAAAAAAAAAG!

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Just on a side note, Superheavies are generally considered a dick move to play with unless your opponent knows in advance and has consented to play against it - and even then it's generally as a one-off.

Maybe the people you play with are different, but I wouldn't expect an overly friendly reaction if I was playing someone in store and pulled out a Baneblade. :)
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