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The overlord , 18 warriors , scarabs and stalker as a retribution phalanx , with an additional 10 warriors a cryptek and szeras and the barge . I fill my hq and troops ? I'm very confused . Been gaming for years for fantasy only .'

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Ah, I see the confusion. The Retribution Phalanx is a Formation with specific unit requirements as listed in the sheet you got with the starter box. A Combined Arms Detachment has its own requirements, 1 HQ and 2 Troops, that must be different units. Units can not be selected in two different Detachment/Formations. Right now you have:

Retribution Phalanx

1 Overlord
18x Warriors
3x Scarabs
1 Triarch Stalker

Combined Arms Detachment


10x Warriors

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge

You have to get two more Warriors and play two units in your Combined Arms Detachment to fill out its minimum requirements.
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