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New painter

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Hello there!
Im very new to minatures, specificly W40k. Ive always had a creative touch to my life, this seemed interesting so i figured id get a tac squad and a few rhinos and see my luck.
origionally played DoW on my friends computer, and was in awe when i saw what a space marine looked like.
I dont really plan on playing the game. Just painting, havent tried my luck at conversions much, need green goo O.O
Currently ive got two very small set ups ( 2 rhinos, Ultramarine/black templar) and 7ish(bits are everywhere to random models) tac troops. Each painted various ways to see what i like the best.
Call me giantkid.

Edited for picture.
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Welcome to Heresy. I started out much like you have, more into the painting and modeling aspect of 40K, though lately I've shown a lot more interest in the game itself.

You will find plenty of great advice regarding painting and converting in the hobby sections.
Sounds like we should expect High quality models from you if you are just planning to paint. So welcome to the heresy and hopefully you can post some of your models later on for us to see
Nope. I play highschool football.
Califiornia. Not sure where Brennan is O.O
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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